The Benefits of Carvacrol and Oregano Oil


Candida Can Be Controlled By Oil Of Oregano

Candida is a type of harmless yeast that is normally found in the flora of the mouth, intestinal track and skin. But when certain conditions in the body develop, this fungus can multiply excessively, and the candida can transform into the disease we know as candidiasis.

There are about 20 different kinds of candida fungus, but the most widely known is candida albicans. Candidiasis results when the normally harmless candida fungus changes into a different form and starts to spread inside our body. As in all types of diseases, a weakened immune system contributes to this type fungus spreading.

Common Symptoms of Candidiasis
This disease can affect our body systems as well as our brain function. The most common symptoms includes skin infections, fatigue, abdominal pain, rectal itching, vaginitis, thrush, sore throat, diarrhea, sinus inflammation, etc. Some of the symptoms affecting the neural systems are cognitive difficulties, poor memory, learning difficulties and anxiety.

Usual Treatment for Candidiasis
The typical treatments administered by health practitioners to control this condition are the following:

• Topical treatments – the affected part is treated by the application of anti-fungal cream, suppositories or douches. Some of the most common creams are Monistat-Derm, Nyastin, Monistat Vaginal and Vagistat Vaginal.
• Internal or oral treatments – these are special formulations intended to be taken orally. For instance, if it is a vaginal infection, a one-time oral dose of Diflucan (fluconazole) is prescribed.
• IV treatments – if the candida infection is serious, it is treated in the hospital using IV medications. The typical drugs used are caspofungin, micafungin, anidulafungin and amphotericin B.

The use of antibiotics however has a serious flaw because they can make the infection worse. Since Candida albicans is normally found in our regular flora, prolonged use of antibiotics can cause its transformation into candidiasis. Antibiotics are designed to kill the bad bacteria, but in so doing they also kill the good bacteria that help to keep the colonies of candida albicans under control. Therefore continuous use of antibiotics can allow resistive bad bacteria, yeasts and parasites to overgrow in our stomach and other parts of our body.

In this respect, there is a natural antimicrobial substance that is more effective than antibiotics because it kills the bad microbes, but does not affect the good microbes. This organic substance is oregano oil sourced from the wild Mediterranean oregano plant Origanum vulgare.

Oregano Oil – A Powerful Antimicrobial Agent
The wild oregano plant has a long history of medicinal uses. This plant was been used by the ancient Greeks for treating their common maladies, from respiratory problems and fever to stomach troubles and skin disease. In our modern times, the extracted oil from the crushed leaves of the same wild plant is used. This is what we now call oregano oil.

The Power of Oil of Oregano
Through numerous laboratory tests and experiments done here and abroad, scientists have found that oregano oil is an effective treatment against the diseases caused by harmful microbes. It can kill different species of bacteria, parasites, viruses and fungi. This oil has been proven as a very effective killer of candida albicans. Once it is overgrown, candida is very difficult to eradicate, but with the use of this oil, there is a strong possibility that its growth will be controlled. This was proven by Dr. Harry G. Preuss of Georgetown University in the United States where he used a particular compound of oregano oil and stopped the growth of candida by about 75 percent.

He also concluded that using this oil in its complete form is better than using its chemical substances separately. There are many active components of this oil, but the two most active agents are carvacrol and thymol. In this study, it was proven that the synergy of these substances is more effective than using them separately. Other potent substances in the oil include phenols, flavonoids, phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Using Oregano Oil for Treating Candidiasis
Since oregano oil can effectively inhibit the growth of microbes, including different species of fungi then you can use it to stop the growth of candida albicans. Here are some of the ways you can use this oil to control it.

• As a topical treatment – it is applied directly to the affected skin area. But the oil must be diluted first before it is applied. This oil is highly potent and if applied in concentrated form can cause a burning sensation and skin irritation. The typical dilution is 2 to 3 drops of oregano oil mixed with one tablespoon of virgin olive oil or coconut oil.
• As an oral treatment – take two or three capsules of oregano oil twice a day. Seek the counsel of your doctor if you want to take a higher dose.

Oregano Oil is More Advantageous
The nature of oregano oil being made of organic substances makes it more attractive for treating candida than antibiotics. With antibiotics, there are the usual side effects plus the fact that it can even encourage the growth of the fungus. But with oregano oil, it can effectively eliminate the excessive growth without harming the good bacteria that controls their growth. And it does not leave any adverse side effect because it is composed of 100% organic substances. However, since it very potent, it is recommended that it is taken in diluted form to soften its effects on our system.

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