The Benefits of Carvacrol and Oregano Oil


Can I Use Oregano Oil if I’m Pregnant?

The straight answer to this question is no. There are at least two major reasons why pregnant women should stay away from oregano oil.

Firstly, there are studies that showed that this essential oil will reduce the body’s ability to absorb iron. Iron is very essential in the formation of the fetus, so anything that compromises the mother’s ability to absorb iron from the food or supplements she takes should be avoided.

Secondly, oregano oil has some substances in it that forcefully induce menstruation. Medical researchers have found that the wild oregano plant (the source of oregano oil) is an emmenagogue. These are types of plants that induce blood flow in the uterus and the pelvic area. As such they will induce menstruation and in fact, they are recommended for women who experience difficulty in menstruating. Conversely, they should not be taken by women who are pregnant because it will put the fetus at risk. If excessive blood flow occurs in a pregnant woman, she could compromise the protective lining that covers the uterus in her womb.

From these two basic reasons, you should not take oregano oil when you are pregnant.

The Risks Outweigh the Benefits
A normal person will be able to get all the benefits that oregano oil can give, for it is a potent substance that can fight off all manners of disease and can enhance the body’s immune response against these ailments. It can also strengthen the joints which are normally affected during pregnancy.

But these benefits are easily outweighed by the risks it will bring if taken during pregnancy. Taking this oil should be avoided if pregnant, especially during their first trimester. If menstruation is induced during this period, the woman could lose her fetus, which is just beginning to form at this time. Additionally, when a woman is pregnant, she needs to absorb more iron than before to give her a sufficient amount of hemoglobin to build her placenta and nourish the baby’s growth. This oil is an iron inhibitor, therefore if it is taken during this period her body’s ability to absorb iron will be significantly curtailed – endangering the baby’s life and hers as well.

Safe Use of Oregano Oil
Compared to other essential oils, oregano oil has more advantages. The phytochemical and phenol contents of this oil combined with vitamins and minerals are the most effective in fighting germs and strengthening the body’s immune system. It can kill all types of harmful microbes, be they bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites without leaving any side effects. These harmful microbes cannot develop resistance against it so they are always vulnerable to its antimicrobial power. It is made of organic substances which makes it easily absorbable.

Definitely, it will be safer for you not to take it during your pregnancy. But right after the delivery of your child, it will be ok to start taking it with your daily supplements. All its medicinal benefits will now be working to your advantage. It will facilitate your recovery and make you stronger and more able to take care of your new baby. Bu check with your doctor first, just to make sure your iron levels aren't too low.

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