The Benefits of Carvacrol and Oregano Oil


Oil of Oregano Side Effects

Oil of oregano is one of nature’s gifts to man. It is very effective in dealing with common ailments that plague us every now and then. You can also use it to fortify your body’s defense mechanism against pathogens.

The convenience of using it makes it very popular for everyday use, such as treating colds, fever, flu, stomach aches, skin allergies, etc. It is readily available at any health store, making it easy for everyone to enjoy its benefits.

However, not so many people know that there can be some side effects to using oregano oil and we need to be aware of them. This essential oil packs a powerful combination of phenols, flavonoids and phytochemicals that if used carelessly may result in some adverse side effects. Even if these side effects are not life-threatening, you still have to know about them to be able to avoid suffering the consequences.

The Power of Oregano Oil
This essential oil is derived from the wild oregano plant, Origanum vulgare. It grows in the mountains in Greece, Turkey and Portugal. Health experts believe that the extreme weather conditions combined with the special soil minerals in these places are the reasons why it possesses very powerful substances. Oil of oregano contains chemical substances such as thymol and carvacrol which have been proven effective in killing harmful microorganisms, even in small amounts. In addition, the oil contains numerous chemical compounds that help these two active agents in killing all sorts of germs.

There are numerous tests and laboratory experiments conducted around the world which proved the efficacy of oregano oil as a form of treatment for a wide range of diseases. There are components inside this oil that can even destroy cancer cells. This is the reason why this oil is so powerful in treating diseases caused by harmful microbes and other disease causing factors. It is also for this reason that you should be careful in using oil of oregano, whether topically or orally.

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Oil of Oregano Side Effects
Here then are some of the adverse side effects that can be expected if this oil is administered wrongly or used carelessly.

• It inhibits the absorption of iron. Those who are taking iron supplements should consult their physicians before using this oil. Pregnant women, therefore, should be careful because they need an ample supply of iron for their growing fetus.
• It has a potential to be toxic if taken excessively. The thymol content of oregano oil can be toxic at high doses therefore you should only use oregano oil made from Origanum vulgare, which contains the right amount of thymol, and start with small doses to give your body time to adjust.
• It can cause allergic reactions. The source of oregano oil is a plant that belongs to the plant family of mint, thyme, sage, basil, marjoram and hyssop. If you are allergic to any of these herbs, it is better to avoid this oil. Some of the allergic reactions are skin rash, facial swelling, difficulty in swallowing, breathing and speaking, and itchiness of the skin. Those with sensitive skin who still wants to use oregano oil can dilute the oil before using it, either topically or internally.
• It can result in die-off effects. Using oil of oregano will kill microorganisms in your body that do not belong there. If there is massive die-off, you can experience nausea, dizziness and headache. But this can be mitigated by drinking several glasses of water after taking oregano oil.
• It can cause digestive problems when taken in concentrated form. Therefore, it is important to dilute the concentrated oregano oil with a carrier oil such virgin olive oil or virgin coconut oil.
• It can cause burning sensation in the eyes if the oil gets into them.
• It can cause irritation in the mucous membranes and especially the genital areas if applied topically in undiluted form.
• It can act as a blood thinner. Therefore those who have health problems that require them to take anticoagulants should refrain from taking oil of oregano. It can unduly increase the anticoagulant activity inside the body that can aggravate the condition further.
• It can cause a tingling sensation in the mouth if taken orally in concentrated form. But this only last about a minute and is completely normal.
• It may raise blood pressure in some people. However, the pressure will return to normal after discontinuing the administration of the oil, or taking a lower concentration.
• It can have interactions with other medications. Some studies have found that it can amplify the effects of some medications, such as supplementation of hormones, anti-diabetic medications, birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy. However, more studies are needed to document the dangers of these interactions.

How To Avoid Oregano Oil Side Effects
All the aforementioned side effects of oregano oil can be avoided simply by taking the correct dose. Here are some practical suggestions on how this can be done.

• Before using it, consult your doctor especially if you have an existing medical condition.
• The oil comes in liquid form and in capsules. Know the right amount that you need to take in each form.
• When taking it in liquid form, always dilute the concentrated oil with virgin olive oil or virgin coconut oil. Start small with three to four drops a day and gradually increasing it as your body adjusts to the right treatment dosage.
• If you are taking oil of oregano in capsules, you should not consume more than 500 to 600 mg per day.
• The suggested dilution of this oil is typically one part of oregano oil to 4 parts of carrier oil.

Oregano Oil is Safe to Use
It should be emphasized that the only reason why oil of oregano will be unsafe is when it is taken excessively and carelessly. Since it is made of natural and organic substances, it does not have any long-term side effects – that is, if our health is good and we are not suffering from any medical problem.

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