The Benefits of Carvacrol and Oregano Oil


Can I Give Oregano Oil to My Children?

Yes, you definitely can, but always in the right amounts. Oregano oil is one of the best supplements you can give a growing child. It can help him fend off many kinds of disease. Oregano oil is more effective than any other children’s supplement that purports to make children healthier and stronger.

Most of the over-the-counter children’s supplements are made of synthetic chemicals making them more difficult to absorb. Oregano oil is sourced from the Mediterranean wild oregano plant which is grown, harvested and processed without using any chemical fertilizers, pesticides or extenders. It is an all natural product, making it easily absorbed by our system.

But that’s not the whole story though. This essential oil is packed with a powerful combination of germ killers and immune building substances. It has many phytochemicals, phenols and flavonoids, chief of which are carvacrol and thymol. Many scientific studies and experiments have proven that these germ killers can effectively kill and stop the growth of all types of bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. There are even clinical tests which showed that it has the ability to fight cancer cells.

In addition, oregano oil contains considerable amounts of vitamins A, C and D plus copious amounts of minerals such as zinc, potassium, manganese, copper, boron, magnesium, calcium and many others. There are also important trace elements in the oil. These substances are important in building up your children’s immunity to disease.

So, don’t be afraid to use oregano oil, especially if your child is sick. If he is suffering from colds, fever, cough, indigestion, etc, you can administer this oil and get rid of whatever is causing his illness. One caution though: for children under 7 years old, this oil should not be given internally. The strong chemical components of the oil might cause irritation and potential problems in his still young organs.

Here are the safe dosages of oregano oil for children of different ages:

Under 6 months old - do not give them oregano oil.
• 6 months to 2 years old – don’t give the oil internally instead rub 1 to 2 drops of the oil on both feet and spine. If the child has fever, cold, or congestion, apply the oil to both feet and cover the feet with socks. Repeat this procedure until his condition improves, but don’t go more than 10 days with this procedure.
• 3 to 6 years old – internal administration of oregano oil is still not recommended at this stage. But the amount of oil applied on the feet can be increased, from 2 to 3 drops. In addition, you are no longer limited to just 10 days of application, but you can apply the oil for as long as it is needed. As usual, upon application of the oil on his feet, cover them with socks to prevent the oil from being dissipating in the air.
• 7 to 10 years old – You can now mix 2 to 3 drops of this oil with his milk or juice. Repeat it three times a day.
• 10 years old and up – Mix 2 to 3 drops in his milk or juice and repeat 3 times a day. In addition, you can facilitate his healing if you will place 2 to 3 drops under his tongue. That is, if he can stand its taste. You can dilute it with virgin olive oil to soften its taste.

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