The Benefits of Carvacrol and Oregano Oil



Oil of Oregano by North American Herb and Spice

Nowadays, there are many brands of oil of oregano available on the market. It can kill all types of pathogens, including viruses, fungi, bacteria and parasites.

This substance also contains minerals, vitamins and trace elements that can help the body strengthen its defenses against harmful microbes. It is recommended by alternative health practitioners all over the world because it is more effective than most over the counter drugs and antibiotics.

oreganolHowever, not all oregano oil brands are made from the oregano plant, which is the source of this most potent oil. But there is one brand that you can be sure of. This is Oreganol, a proprietary brand of pure oil of oregano sourced from the wild oregano plant, Origanum vulgare, harvested at its original habitat in the mountaintops of certain Mediterranean countries. It is made by North American Herb & Spice, a leading manufacturer of natural dietary supplements.

Why is Oreganol different from Other Brands?
Oregano oil varies in quality. Its potency depends on its source and the way it is processed. At present the oil with the highest quality is Oreganol P73. This particular oil is extracted from the Mediterranean wild oregano that is organically grown, free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It is 100% guaranteed to be pure Mediterranean oregano, grown and harvested in its original pristine and untarnished wilderness. The picking of the plants are actually controlled to preserve and protect the plants. The essential oil is extracted without using any chemicals but just by cold-pressing. Then the essential oil is distilled. These kinds of production processes are used in order to preserve the potent chemical substances contained in the oil.
Other commercially available oregano oil samples are routinely tested by North American Herb & Spice and most often the results show that these other oils do not qualify as real oregano oil. They contain high levels of monterpenes and reduced levels of thymol and carvacrol. With these kind of components, they can be regarded as counterfeits and therefore useless in terms of healing and treating diseases.

Laboratory Tests Show Oreganol is an Effective Antimicrobial Agent
Scientists at the U.S. Department of Agriculture have found that oreganol is higher in antioxidant levels than vegetables, fruits and even spices. In the November issue of the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Shiow Y. Yang, a biochemist, said that “oregano had 3 to 20 times higher antioxidant activity than the other herbs studied.”

The American Cancer Society has stated that oregano is one of the world’s most powerful natural antioxidants. It is very effective in inhibiting the growth of many types of bacteria, including the drug-resistant superbug MRSA. An article in Medical News Today stated that oreganol outperforms 18 conventional antibiotics in laboratory experiments. This beneficial substance has been the subject of countless studies and laboratory experiments and has always been found to be effective in controlling and inhibiting the growth of pathogens. And it does so without so much as leaving any long-term side effects.

Composition of Oreganol
The special components of oreganol are the reasons why it is more effective than standard oregano oil. For instance, Oreganol P73 is a blend of wild oregano plants grown in their natural habitat, with soils that are very rich in minerals. No chemicals are used in any of the process of production, from planting to harvesting to extraction. After the process of extraction and distillation, the oil undergoes further processing. It is emulsified with extra virgin olive oil to make it easier to be assimilated by the user.

What makes oreganol many times more effective is the quantity of carvacrol and thymol it contains. These two chemical substances are the two active agents of oregano oil. Together, they act synergistically to help kill all harmful microbes. The ratio of these two is very important if this essential oil is to be effective. In oreganol, the quantity of carvacrol is 64%, while thymol is only 5%. From their research, laboratory scientists have proven that this is the best ratio for oregano oil to be effective in killing pathogens. Only oreganol has this perfect blend making it 3 times more effective than other brands. Other commercially available brands don’t have this exact ratio of components.

Apart from these two active ingredients, oreganol is also packed with highly potent flavonoids, phytochemicals and phenols, in addition to the many vitamins, minerals and trace elements that it contains. With all these beneficial substances, oreganol should really be considered as very high quality essential oil.

How Oreganol Can Improve Your Health
This high-quality oil can help you in two ways: it can be used to treat many diseases and it can strengthen your immune system.

Its antimicrobial powers are potent enough to kill many types of pathogens. It works as an antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and anti-parasitic agent. Therefore you can use it to treat yourself for diarrhea, colds, flu, fever, nail fungus, skin allergies, acne, eczema, etc. In fact, it is so potent that scientists have found out that it can be used in the treatment of arthritis (both inflammation and pain) and some cases of cancer.

If you take it regularly, it will make your body stronger and help keep disease at bay. There are considerable amounts of vitamin C, A, and K. It is also rich in dietary fibers, iron, carotene, manganese, folates and pyridoxine.

Using Oreganol To Improve Your Health
For health maintenance, you can take 1 – 2 drops of oreganol sublingually or you can add a few drops in your favorite juice. You can also use it topically (especially for skin problems) by rubbing it into the affected area of the skin. You will experience a slight burning sensation. Don’t be alarmed because it is natural and will diminish in a few minutes. For specific daily use, North American Herb & Spice recommends the following doses:
• Oreganol P73 – 5 drops per day
• Oregamax – 2 capsules per day
• Oregacyn P73 – 1 capsule per day
• Juice of Oregano – 1 ounce per day

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