The Benefits of Carvacrol and Oregano Oil


Oil of Oregano Uses

Oregano oil is mainly used for treating diseases and improving one’s health. It is effective for such purposes because of the many potent substances it contains.

This essential oil is packed with a powerful combination of phytochemicals, flavonoids, phenols, minerals, vitamins and trace elements. All these chemical substances, especially carvacrol and thymol, act synergistically to kill all types of bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites.

This is why this essential oil is a very effective alternative medicine for diseases that normal pharmaceutical drugs and antibiotics can’t control. This fact has already been proven by many studies and experiments done on this substance all over the world. It is a very potent substance that when taken in concentrated form will cause burning sensations when applied topically. Therefore, it should only be applied and taken orally in diluted form, and in small amounts to begin with.

Oil of oregano is derived from the wild oregano plant, Origanum vulgare. It grows in the mountains of Greece, Portugal and Turkey. The leaves of this plant are crushed and the oil is extracted from them using cold processing and distillation. The powerful chemical compounds in oil of oregano are believed to be the result of the combination of soil minerals and the harsh climate where they originally grow. This plant is the best source of oregano oil.

Oregano Oil Uses
The most important use of this essential oil is for treating diseases and health improvement. It can also be used for other practical purposes but its medicinal use deserves more importance. Following are some of the ways we can use oregano oil medicinally.

• Treatment of coughs, colds, earache, fever, flu, sore throat and sinusitis – The common cold is the most common problem that plagues us. Antibiotics and other drugs are ineffective in eradicating this illness but with just a few drops of oil of oregano taken every day it will kill off the viruses that cause these ailments. You can use it as a nasal decongestant and you can also add 2 to 3 drops of it in your juice or water. This oil also has anti-inflammatory properties so it will reduce the inflammation of the cavities and make sinus drainage easier.
• Treatment of acne – Acne is typically caused by bacterial infection which results in inflammation of the skin. Both problems can be solved by using oregano oil because of its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Applying the oil, in diluted form, on the affected skin will control the problem. Usually, this is done once in the morning and again before bed time.
• Treatment of arthritis – The anti-inflammatory property of this essential oil has been confirmed by several scientific studies. The anti-inflammatory effect is due to the fact that it contains terpenes – a natural anti-inflammatory substance. You can use it to relieve joint pain associated with arthritis by massaging the affected joints with diluted oregano oil. It will also reduce the swelling and will enable the patient to move without so much pain. Faster relief will result if the oil is also taken internally.
• Treatment of athlete’s foot – This oil also has anti-fungal properties that can effectively control the spread of different kinds of fungi. You can apply a few drops of diluted oil of oregano to the affected foot or toes to control the infection. Since this is a stubborn disease, you may need to repeat this procedure until the affected part is cleared of the infection.
• Treatment of candida – This is a recurring yeast infection that has developed resistance to common pharmaceutical treatments. But using oil of oregano can effectively eradicate candida, as proven by many laboratory experiments. It is suggested that taking 3 drops of this oil everyday will help control this disease.
• Treatment of cryptosporidium infection – This is a protozoan parasite that causes Cryptosporidiosis, a serious although short-term infection affecting the intestines. Oil of oregano can control this infection because of its anti-parasitic properties. Taking two drops of oregano oil under the tongue twice a day will control the infection. Also see to it that your drinking water is not contaminated with fecal matter.
Treatment for Eczema – The redness, itchiness and dryness of the skin associated with eczema can be controlled using oil of oregano. Applying the oil topically will relieve the affected area from all these conditions. As usual, the oil needs to be diluted with carrier oil. It should be applied two times per day until the skin clears up. Treatment will be faster if the oil is also taken internally.
• Treatment for herpes – This is caused by the Herpes simplex virus (HSV) and is transmitted from person to person through sexual intercourse. This is a chronic condition but it can be controlled by using oregano oil. It should be used even before the cold sore on the skin erupts. The oil should be diluted with carrier oil before it is applied to the affected area. Taking the oil internally will facilitate the treatment.
• Treatment for MRSA infection – This group of bacteria is very resistant to antibiotics but is not able to resist the pathogenic ability of oregano oil. Several studies and experiments have been conducted that confirmed the ability of this oil in eradicating colonies of MRSAs.
•  Treatment for Ringworm – This is a contagious disease caused by fungi, not worms. It only got its name because of the round red rash that develops on the skin upon infection. The antifungal properties of oregano oil can effectively stop the infection. You need to dilute the concentrated oil with olive oil before applying it in the affected area. This should be repeated twice a day until the infection stops.
• Treatment for other diseases such as bronchitis, nail fungus,  pneumonia, post nasal drip, dandruff, head lice, rosacea and many more.  The antimicrobial properties of oregano oil make it effective for all types of disease control.

Other Practical Uses of Oregano Oil
The excellent properties of this oil in inhibiting the growth of harmful microbes make it also useful in some practical ways.

• As a household disinfectant – if you want to stop the spread of germs in your kitchen, bathroom, etc. Just add a few drops of this oil to a pail of water and dip a sponge or cloth and use it to wipe all contact surfaces.
• As a hand wash – oregano oil’s antiseptic properties is more than enough to kill all harmful germs in your hands. Just make sure that it is diluted. And don’t let it go to your eyes or mucous membranes, as this will help you avoid burning sensations and skin irritations.
• As a mosquito repellent – this is a good alternative to chemically-based insect repellents.

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