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Pneumonia - Easily Controlled By Oregano Oil

Pneumonia is an inflammation (or infection) of the alveoli (air sacs) in the lungs. One or both lungs can be infected. It is a very serious condition wherein fluid or pus enters the alveoli then blocks the passage and prevents oxygen from being carried into the blood.

The resulting oxygen depletion will make you gasp for breath and deprive your organs of the oxygen they need for proper functioning. If the inflammation is extensive, other symptoms like chills, fever, chest pain and tiredness will manifest.

What Causes Pneumonia?
There are many reasons why a person can catch pneumonia. Doctors estimate that there are at least 30 different reasons for this disease. But most pneumonia cases are caused by mycoplasma, viruses, bacteria, fungi, inhaling liquid chemicals or dust into the lungs or accidentally breathing food into the lungs. Sometimes, people get pneumonia after surgery or an injury or after remaining immobile for some time. Bedridden people are also at risk because of shallow breathing and mucus is retained in the lungs instead of being coughed out.

Other Pneumonia Symptoms
Among the other symptoms of pneumonia are the following: fast breathing, shortness of breath, cough, green mucus coughed out from the lungs, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, sweating, fast heartbeat, headache, purple skin color and muscle pain.

People Prone To Getting Pneumonia
There are people who are more likely to get pneumonia than others. They are those who take too much alcohol, smoke, have serious medical conditions like HIV/AIDS, asthma, pulmonary diseases and the like. Those who are under 1 year old and those over 65 years old, malnourished and have weakened immune system, have been recently hospitalized in ICUs and those who have been exposed to harsh chemicals and pollutants are also at risk of catching this disease. Additionally, those who have just recovered from influenza or colds can also contract the disease.

How Pneumonia Is Usually Treated
The prescribed treatment will depend on the type of pneumonia and how severe the symptoms are. If it is diagnosed as a bacterial infection, antibiotics are used. When viruses are found to be the culprit, anti-viral medications are administered, plus a lot of juices and plenty of rest. Fungal infections are typically controlled with anti-fungal treatments. The most common treatments are over-the-counter medications that are given to reduce the coughs, fever, headache, and other pains. If the condition becomes severe, the patient is usually admitted in the hospital where he is given antibiotics and put on oxygen.

The Advantage Of Oregano Oil
With antibiotics and other pharmaceutical medications, there is always the risk of side effects and microbes developing resistance against them. There is a better way to treat pneumonia without these two dangers. This is by using oregano oil, a 100% natural product. It is sourced from the wild oregano plant Origanum vulgare, which has been used for thousands of years for treating common diseases. Being made of organic substances, it usually doesn't have any side effects. But the more important thing is that harmful microbes cannot develop resistance against it, so whenever it is used for treatment it will always succeed in controlling and stopping the germs.

Oregano oil contains powerful chemical substances like phenols, phytochemicals and flavonoids. These are germ-killing substances that can stop and control the growth of all types of bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites. Therefore, no matter what causes a particular type of pneumonia, oregano oil can be effectively used to treat it. Aside from that, this essential oil contains significant amounts of vitamins, minerals and important trace elements which can strengthen the body’s immune response to any kind of disease. This germ-killing capacity of oregano oil has been confirmed by the hundreds of scientific tests and experiments done on it by many scientists around the world.

Using Oregano Oil To Treat Pneumonia
This essential can be used in two ways for treating pneumonia.

• Internally – by placing 2 to 3 drops of oregano oil under the tongue. Repeat this three times a day. If the oil is not up to your taste, you can mix the drops into your favorite juice or a glass of water.
• By inhaling the essence of oregano oil while you are asleep. Put 1 or 2 drops of oregano oil on a cotton ball or a tissue and place it beside your pillow when you go to sleep.

Oregano oil has a very strong essence, and that is why it is recommended that you start with small doses at first and increase it as your body adjusts to it. It is not advisable to take it in excessive amounts because your liver will be overtaxed when filtering the excess amounts out of your system.

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